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Based in Nagano, Japan, Hikari Shimoda first studied illustration at the prestigious Kyoto Saga University of Art and Aoyama Juku School before beginning her career as a contemporary artist in...

The way the girl-brain works is when you like something, you become all about it. Omocat has a thing for pop culture.  She lives in an essentially madcap world influenced by music, rpg,...

Japanese illustrator Yurie Sekiya is a true child of the 80s. She developed her colorful style while reminiscing about Saturday morning cartoons like Popples and Yums Yums, and Japanese comics....

Hikari Shimoda's first art book ever is now sold on Amazon!  Perfect...

Art Collector Starter Kit, an exhibition aiming to make fine art from some of today’s brightest creative stars more accessible to more collectors, returns to...

We are so excited to announce that JapanLA has just released Yurie Sekiya's highly anticipated...

Sweet Streets